Jithubhai Enna Chocolate Bhai
The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album
by Santhosh Pandit

The soundtrack composed by Santhosh Pandit features 8 songs rendered by 3 artists including the composer himself. Santhosh Pandit has penned the lyrics for all the 8 songs.

Artists: Santhosh Pandit, Ameya, Varsha Pandit.

# Tracklist (Singers) [Duration]

  1. Konji Konji (Santhosh Pandit) [4:50]
  2. Bhajam Bhajam (Santhosh Pandit, Ameya) [3:33]
  3. Bandhangalellam (Santhosh Pandit) [4:18]
  4. Kamini (Santhosh Pandit) [4:22]
  5. Kakke Kakke (Santhosh Pandit, Varsha Pandit) [4:04]
  6. Ithu Sadha (Santhosh Pandit, Ameya) [5:04]
  7. Ammayennaksharam (Santhosh Pandit) [5:44]
  8. Music is the Name of Love [Theme] (Santhosh Pandit, Ameya) [4:29]

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